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Portraits in Motion

Wednesday 16th October 7.45pm

A beautiful story-telling event combining photography, film and theatre, is being brought to the Wairarapa from Germany for Kokomai Festival this month.  Portraits in Motion will be staged at the Screening Room in Masterton onWednesday 16th October.

Berlin based Volker Gerling always knew he wanted to tell stories, he just did not know which stories to tell. When he attended film school he discovered the art of the flipbook – a series of pictures that vary from one page to the next, so that when the pages are turned rapidly the pictures appear to move.

”For me this is a fascinating way to tell stories.”

In Portraits in Motion, Gerling moves through the flipbooks with his thumb underneath a video camera and projects the images onto the movie screen. In a series of enchanting and precious moments the people he photographed come to life on screen. His works are rapidly taken shots of people, arranged in order so they move as they’re flipped through.

Volker describes how he developed his distinctive style of work. “In my flipbook films I mainly work with documentary portraits of people. The 36 images that my films are made of would run by in about one and a half seconds of ordinary cinema or television, but in a flipbook movie they can be repeated at will, you can see the gaps between them, and you can unconsciously try to fill these gaps. In this form, these pictures gain their own very unusual power and poetry.”  On stage as the images appear, Volker charmingly tells the heart-warming and moving stories behind the moving images making this performance a unique combination of narration, drama, film and photography.

Since 2003 Volker has walked some 4,000km on foot, inviting people to visit his travelling “thumb book cinema” exhibition: showing people the flip books one on one. But Volker realised he could display his work to a larger audience by projecting his flipbooks on to a screen by holding a selection of his favourite portraits under a video camera.

”It’s really important to tell the stories behind the encounter. It’s not all about photo faces.

Portraits in Motion has toured internationally with the Financial Times describing it as “One of those shows you hope to stumble across, an oddity and a revelation.

“Portraits in Motion” will be shown as part of Kokomai Creative Festival 2019 at The Screening Room, Masterton on Wednesday 16th October, 7.45pm. Following the performance there will be a Q&A session hosted by Film Talks. Volker is also presenting a cinema workshop at Aratoi on Thursday 17 October at 10am.

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For more details and to book tickets, visit www.kokomai.co.nz

Tickets $46 book here

Monday Movie Meal Deal: Every Monday without Fail

We are really excited to bring you our brand new offer to kick start every week.  It’s our Monday Movie Meal Deal and is guaranteed to rid you of any Mondayitis and be a great way to start the week.  Pick from one of our scheduled movies, select from three great mains & a non-alcoholic drink (or something scrummy from our cabinet or an ice-cream/lolly box) for just $39.  We will publish the selection of meals available on our Facebook on Friday evening before the event.

To book a table click here

Senior Morning Tea: Ride like a girl

Wednesday 23 October

Join us for a complimentary morning tea at 10am, then, movie ‘Ride like a girl‘ at 10.30am.

Tickets $13 book here

Friday Afternoon Drinks: 4pm – 6pm

Drink specials, delicious tasting platters, and great hospitality every Friday night at The Screening Room.  The perfect way to end the week with colleagues, family, and friends.

Mums & Bubs

Tuesday  12 November – Last Christmas (on sale soon)

Our Mums and Bubs sessions have been specially created to meet the needs of busy Mums, Dads, Relatives and Caregivers who want to bring little junior along whilst enjoying a movie.  Babies under the age of 18 months are welcome and we will have the lights slightly up and the sound slightly down to accommodate the little people.

Tickets are $16 pp and can be pre-purchased from our website.

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